Anticorrosive Red Oxide Metal Primer

Rockfort / Fortlite Redoxide Metal Primer is a quick drying high effective rust preventing primer based on synthetic resin pigmented with Iron oxide. It is used for protection of Iron surface in moderately corrosive atmosphere of both interior and exterior environment.


Finish : Smooth and Matt
Colour : That of Redoxide
Consistency : 120 + 5 Sec in B4 cup
Sp.Gravity   1.4 ¬+ 0.02
Drying time : Surface drying - Max 15 min @ 30. C
Tackfree drying - Max 20 min @ 30. C
Coverage   By Brushing - 18 to 22 m2 per Ltr per coat
By Spraying - 13 to 16 m2 per Ltr per coat
Hardness : Above 1700 gms.
Over coating interval : Min 6 hours


Rockfort R.O.M. Primer is supplied in consistency suitable for Brushing without any pull or drag on brush, It can also be sprayed by thinning with Rockfort Enamel thinner ET 101 up to 20 % . Dry film thickness of 20 microns indicated film thickness to give proper adhesion and corrosion inhibition.


The surface to be painted should be clean and removed from rust and other mill scales, surface can also be treated with pretreatment chemical to give rust resistant surface. Galvanised surface should be etched with a phosphoric etch before applying thinner.


Avoid contact with skin and eyes and exposure to naked light. Provide good ventilation during spraying and drying.