Renova Epoxy finishes are two pack polyamide cured chemical Resistant coating suitable for application on almost all types of Surfaces where resistance to alkalies, acids and other chemicals is required. This can be used for finishing Metals, Wood, and Concrete Structure in atmospheric exposure conditions. It provides long term Protection of Steel and has outstanding resistance to Mechanical Tear and Wear. It has high resistance to Splash and Spillage of Mild Chemicals and Solvents.

PHYSICAL CONSTANTS:- (For Mixed Product)

Finish : Smooth and Glossy
Colour : Oxford Blue, Light Grey, Dark Grey
Solids by Volume : 40 + 2 %
Coverage : By Spray - 10 to 15 m2 per ltr per coat%
Drying time : Maximum 3 Hours at 32.C
Hard Drying 16 Hours
Full Curing : Maximum one weak
Over Coat interval : Minimum seven hours
Flash point : 30. C
Recommended film thickness : 30 + 50 microns per coat
Salt Spray : Min 300 hrs on well treated Panel



















Mixing Ratio : by Volume: base to hardener 75: 25
Pot Life at 30. C
: 10 Hours
8 Hours
Thinner : RockFort Thinner EPX – 601
For Brushing - 0 To 5% of Thinner
For Air Spray - 5 to 10%


Surface Should be thoroughly cleaned, Free from Rust, Dirt, Oil, Grease and Other Surface impurities Metal Surface should be Sand Blasted or Chemically Cleaned to remove surface contaminates.

PACKING - 20, 4 ltr


Avoid contact with skin and eyes and exposure to naked light. Provide good ventilation during spraying and drying.