High Speed Primer Surfacer

Rockfort High Speed Surfacer is a single pack anticorrosive primer based on synthetic resin enriched with high content of corrosion resistance pigment. It gives good protection of steel exposed to high corrosive environment. It gives tough and adhere film at room temperature which have good solvent resistance and corrosion resistance. It is recommended for use as a combination primer and as a ideal base coat for automobiles bodies for refinishing with N.C lacquers, Acrylic, Polyurethane finishes and other high performance coating. This can be top coated with two pack epoxy / polyurethane finishes or chlorinated rubber based paint.


Finish : Smooth and Matt
Colour : Grey / White
Consistency : 100 + 5 sec in ford cup number 4
Drying time : Surface dry 30 minutes
    Hard dry 6 to 8 hours
Recoating : After 12 hours finish coat can be applied, normally no sanding required but light scuffing to remove surface dust.
Coverage : By brush : 13 to 16 m2 per Ltr per coat
By spray : 10 to 13 m2 per Ltr per coat


For hot rolled mild steel sheet mild abrasion to remove rust, mile scale etc., Surface can be treated with appropriate pretreatment chemical to give corrosion resistance surface. Solvent wipe or detergent solution wipe can be used to remove greese, oil and etc., Same treatment can be followed for Aluminium alloys, Galanised iron.


Rockfort High Speed Surfacer is supplied in a uniform consistency suitable for application by brushing without appreciable drag on the brush, it can also be sprayed by thinning with Rockfort Enamel thinner ET-101 upto 20% . Dry film thickness of 20 to 25 microns is indicated film thickness to give an proper adhesion and corrosion inhibition.

PACKING - 20, 4 ltr


Avoid contact with skin and eyes and exposure to naked light. Provide good ventilation during spraying and drying.