Rockfort Thinner EXY-602 is based on aromatic hydrocarbon, recommended for thinning of range of epoxy finishes and primers. It can be used for cleaning of tools and other equipment following use with epoxy based paints. Since the material is flammable care should be taken to keep the material away from sources of Ignition.

Appearance : Clear liquid
Density : 0.860 Kg/ltr
Flash Point : Min 30. C
Boiling Point/Range : 115. C – 150. C
Storage : Should be stored in tightly closed containers in a Cool and well ventilated place.
Application safety precaution : During application of epoxy paints using this thinner Provide good ventilation, and use of protective Gloves face mark and eye glass is advisable.

PACKING - 20, 4 ltr


Avoid contact with skin and eyes and exposure to naked light. Provide good ventilation during spraying and drying.