Renova R.O.M. Primer is two-pack polyamide cured epoxy primer pigmented with Iron oxide pigment to give good anticorrosive properties. Its key physical characteristics are

  • Good anticorrosive properties
  • Contains Zinc phosphate as anticorrosive pigment
  • Easy to apply by both brush and spray
  • Can be top coated with epoxy finishes, 2 pack polyurethane, chlorinated rubber based paint depending upon end application.

PHYSICAL CONSTANTS:- (For Mixed Product)

Finish : Smooth, matt to semi glossy
Colour : That of Red Oxide
Specific Gravity : Mixed Appro. 1.35(Kg/L)
Solids By Volume : Approx 42%
Coverage : a. By Brush - 15 to 18 m2 per ltr per coat
b. By Spray - 12 to 15 m2 per ltr per coat
Drying time : Maximum 3 Hours at 32.C
Full Curing : Maximum one weak
Over Coat interval : Minimum seven hours
Flash point : 30. C
Recommended film thickness : 30 to 40 microns per coat C



















Mixing Ratio : by Volume: base to hardener 75: 25
Pot Life at 30. C
: 10 Hours
8 Hours
Thinner : RockFort Thinner EPX – 601
For Brushing - 0 To 5% of Thinner
For Air Spray - 5 to 10%


Surface Should be thoroughly cleaned, Free from Rust, Dirt, Oil, Grease and Other Surface impurities Metal Surface should be Sand Blasted or Chemically Cleaned to remove surface contaminates.

PACKING - 20, 4 ltr


Avoid contact with skin and eyes and exposure to naked light. Provide good ventilation during spraying and drying.