Renova anticorrosive zinc rich primer is a two pack polyamide cured anticorrosive primer pigmented metallic zinc dust as anticorrosive pigment to provide long term protection of steel exposed to high corrosive environment. It will give tough and non convertible film at room temperature which give outstanding resistance to mechanical wear and tear, Good alkali and acid resistance (Direct immersion is not recommended), Good solvent resistance and corrosion resistance. On account of these it finds more suitable for prime coat application of structural steel, Storage tank, Pipe line, Refineries and fertilizer industries. This can be top coated with Epoxy glossy finishes or two pack polyurethane coating, or chlorinated rubber based paint depending upon end application.

PHYSICAL CONSTANTS:- (For Mixed Product)

Finish : Smooth, Matt to semi glossy.
Colour : Grey
Specific Gravity : 1.4 Kg/ltr
Specific Gravity : 0.942 Kg/Ltr.
Solids By Volume : Approx 45%
Spreading rate : 10 to 13 meter square by spray at 25 sec/B4
13 to 16 meter square by brush at 25 sec/B4
Drying time : Touch Dry 20 min
Full Curing : Maximum one weak
Over Coat interval : Minimum seven hours
Flash point : Base 25. C hardener 26. C
Recommended film thickness : 30 to 40 microns per coat




















Mixing Ratio : Base to Hardener 75 : 25 (By Volume)
Pot life : 8 hours (at 35. C)
10 hours (at 30. C)
Thinner : Rockfort thinner EPX 601 can be used
For Brushing : 0 to 5%
For Spray : 5 to 10%


Surface Should be thoroughly cleaned, Free from Rust, Dirt, Oil, Grease and Other Surface impurities Metal Surface should be Sand Blasted or Chemically Cleaned.

PACKING - 20, 4 ltr


Avoid contact with skin and eyes and exposure to naked light. Provide good ventilation during spraying and drying.