Rockfort Premium Synthetic Enamel is a high gloss air drying enamel based on synthetic resins and high weather resistant, Light fastness pigments, for decoration and protection of all internal, External surfaces and meets the performance requirements of IS 2932.This high quality high gloss enamel has very good colour resistance, water resistance and exterior durability. On account of the high covering capacity and ease of brushing, it is ideally suitable for painting of bus bodies, trucks and refinishing of tractors, earth moving equipment and similar items and also as a decorative finish for architectural where a high quality finish is called for. Due to ease of brushing and good flow it is ideal for sign board painting.
Rockfort Premium Synthetic Enamel is a versatile product which can be used for both decorative and Industrial Purpose where Quality Stands. It is available in different Pastel,. Light and dark hues Suitable for any type of application


Finish : Glossy and smooth
Colour : Brilliant White, Black and wide range of colour as per shade card
Drying time : Touch Dry 1 hr, Tack free Dry 3 Hours, Hard Dry-over night
Gloss : At 45 Degree H 75 and above
Coverage : By Brush - 16 to 20 m2 per ltr per coat
By Spray - 10 to 16 m2 per ltr per coat
Consistency of Supply : 110+ 10 sec in ford cup number 4


The surface to be painted is first cleaned or treated appropriately such that the surface is free from dust, dirt, grease, rust , moisture and loose particles etc., Use Rockfort Zinc Chromate Red Oxide Metal Primer for metal surface and Wood Primer for wood for best result. Before applying finishing Coat the Primer surface should be sanded. To get good coating film thickness of 50 microns or 2 mils in two coats is recommended.


By brush as supplied or spray after dilution with Rockfort Enamel thinner ET 101. 2 coats recommended after over night drying between coats


  1. For Air Spray - 5 to 15%
    For Brushing - 0 to 10%


minimum 4 to 6 hour

PACKING - 20, 4 ltr


Avoid contact with skin and eyes and exposure to naked light. Provide good ventilation during spraying and drying.