Rockfort Super Synthetic Enamels are air drying synthetic Enamels based on synthetic resins and selected weather resistant pigments. Rockfort Super synthetic enamel is ideally suitable for interior and exterior use. It can be easily apply by brush or spray to give smooth, glossy and hard film. It meets the performance requirements of Indian standard specification IS 133. Its key physical properties are

  • High Opacity
  • Excellent brushability and flow
  • Used for Exterior and Interior use
  • Good scratch and mar resistance


Finish : smooth and glossy
Colours : Refer Rockfort Shade Card
By Spray - 10 to 13 m2 per ltr per coat
Drying time : Surface dry - 1 Hrs
Tack free dry - 3 Hrs
Hard dry - Over night
Viscosity : 120 + 10 sec / B4 @ 30. C
Flash point : Above 30. C


For metal surface clean to remove oil, grease and other surface imprecated and properly prime the metal surfaces using Rockfort metal primer, One Coat of Knifing Putty can also be used to remove surface imperfections

For Mansonary Surfaces use Alkali Resistant Water base White primer before applying the finishing Coat


Tinner: Dilute with Rockfort Enamel thinner ET 101 or Genuine Turpentine

Application Method: By Air Spray, Airless Spray, Brushing. Generally Two Coats are recommended, Second Coat can be applied after five to six hours of first coat.

Dilion ratio:

  • For Air Spray - 5 to 15%
  • For Brushing - 0 to 10%

Indicated film thickness: 50 Micron / 2 miles in 2 coats.

PACKING - 20, 4 ltr


Avoid contact with skin and eyes and exposure to naked light. Provide good ventilation during spraying and drying.